Buyers Guide

Vivid binoculars come in 8 or 10x magnification. There are advantages for each. Generally speaking, while a smaller magnification, the 8x models will give a brighter image that is easier to hold steady than the 10x and give a wider field of view.

Our four compact models (the HD 8x25,  10x25 and the MX2 8x26 and 10x26) are great choices where size and weight are of the most importance. Weighing in at 358g and 282g respectively, they are pocket sized and convenient.

Although slightly heavier (ranging from 430g to 649g) their sister models with 32mm, 34mm or 42mm objective lenses will give a brighter image.


Range Summary:

• MG series: Our entry level model that offers excellent performance at a great price. Waterproof and nitrogen filled.

• HD series: With a strong rubber body armour, waterproof and nitrogen filled, these are our mid-range models. Heavier in construction tha. The MX2 series they offer similar optical performance 

• MX2 series: These are our top of the range binoculars with fully multi-coated lenses and phase coated prisms for fantastic optical performance. The choice of the connoisseur.